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Our criterion of success is to meet the demand for total quality

« In order to improve its quality system and the control of the precision machining parts, Décolletage DE REU has invested in new infrastructure including a new air-conditioned inspection room »

De Reu is committed to ensuring the manufacture of high-quality, high-performance products. In order to do this, for several years we have been carrying out a rigorous quality control programme.

Thus we have an inspection room equipped with technical equipment and designed to detect the slightest defect. Our control procedure:

  • The first units in a manufacturing series are systematically subjected to quality control before the launch of production.
  • Furthermore, each operator is responsible for his/her production, carrying out his/her own checks during manufacture.
  • Finally, each order is subject to a final check and a precise dimensional report sent to the customer on request.

ISO 9001 certified:

ISO 9001 certified

Member of the Centre Technique du Décolletage and of:


Protecting the environment

We are keen to protect the environment and so we have introduced specific protection and prevention actions:

  • Creation of a specific building to house metallic and other waste, sheltered from bad weather.
  • Recovery of waste oil using a recovery drain.
  • Treatment of waste oil by a certified body.

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