DE REU Décolletage - 80 ans d'histoire

80 years of history:


1929 :

Arthur De Reu creates a factory on premises covering an area of 200 m2 to make parts for the textile and electrical industries.

1945 : 

André De Reu, his son, takes over the company with the desire to focus on fastening hardware (screws, bolts and nuts).

1960s :

The premises double in surface area and production extends to the automobile and hydraulics industries.

1970s : 

Arrival of Bernard De Reu, the founder’s grandson. The enterprise grows and installs automatic lathes.

1980s : 

The rail sector becomes vital to the development of the company. Digitally controlled machinery arrives on the scene.

2000 : 

The enterprise enters the medical market

2011 : 

The fourth generation, led by Joffrey De Reu, takes over the reins of the company with the aim of guiding it along a path towards even greater quality and innovation.

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